Monday, April 11, 2016

A post about my Benny Bear (16 months)

Benny is the most perfect little boy ever.  It's not because I'm his mom.  Ask anyone who ever spends time with him and they'll agree.  He is so darn cute.  Ornery. Sweet. Funny. Handsome. Huge.  I love him so much.

Benny doesn't have a ton of words he says, but he says a lot of sentences, which is weird for his age.  I wanted to make sure I jotted down what kind of things he's saying:

  • I shut the door
  • I push the button
  • No more monkeys (jumping on the bed) slightly hard to understand it all
  • Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you DADDDDDDY
  • I want that
  • I like that
  • Benny Bear
  • Sissy
  • Please (in his own way)
  • Thank you (in his own way)
  • Purple Cat
  • Puppy
  • Apple Juice
  • Uppa Uppa!
  • a, b, c, double Youuuuuuu
  • Hi! - always enthusiastically
  • Bye!
  • No no no
  • we all fall down!

Benny knows where his eyes, ears, nose, toes, and belly button are on a consistent basis. He likes to dance and play music.  His favorite video (for months on end) is Miss Patty Cake's Eggtravaganza. Benny started pretending last week and now likes to pretend to eat your nose.  Very cute.  

Benny can walk backwards and really enjoys sitting on things.  Blocks, the drum, etc.  He prefers to carry around his little broom everywhere, it's his favorite toy. He likes to clean and will throw things away in the trash for us. Benny likes to feed himself with his spoon and he does not want your help.  He is done sitting in the high chair.  Ben responds to direction (sit down, go to time out, etc.).  He will sit and "read" books to himself. He likes to brush his teeth and actually does a pretty good job of it.

Sometimes when he's trying to love on me, he smacks me several times in the face.  It hurts pretty bad because he has giant man hands, but I know it's out of love.  We are working on nice touches.  He loves his sister and wants to play with her, but she doesn't always want him. It's a work in progress.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Updates for March

Benny is starting to talk a lot more.  He has said some things for a while now, and some things are new.  Words I can currently recall include:

Purple Cat
Brown Bear
No more monkeys
Hey bei bei

Benny loves brooms and carries his little Melissa & Doug broom around everywhere.  He really enjoys feeding himself with a spoon and gets rather angry if you try to do it for him.  He always takes off his right shoe and sock.  His eyes are the most beautiful shade of blue I've ever seen and they have a dark blue edge.  His cheeks are squishy and he loves kisses.  He's so happy unless he's sick and he crinkles up his nose when he's being ornery. He has had 4 ear infections in the last 4 months, so I am making him an appointment with an ENT doc to check on him.  He looks really good in his 2t jean @15 months.  The 2t shirts are getting tight. He looks like the most handsome little man ever.  I love him so much.

Miss Emerson is a very funny two year old.  She has an amazing memory and is very particular.  She likes routine and can say anything at all.  Anything.  We read through her valentines after her party and the next week she brought them to us and told us again who sent each one.  We had went over them once.  It was amazing.  She is so sharp and really understands everything.  She can be reasoned with most of the time, so the terrible twos aren't that bad at all.  Emerson is loving and is learning to be potty trained.  She's about 50% there and I feel like if I applied myself more, she would already be there.  Emerson loves school and playing outside.  She's so ready for warm weather!

The babies are getting easier because they can play together a bit now.  More and more we are seeing them interact a little bit, which has been our hope - that they will play together and be best friends.  Everything else is good too.  Jacob and I are wonderful and really enjoying our perfect little family.

Monday, January 18, 2016

January 2016

I wanted to take some time to jot down what the babies are doing lately since it seems like they're both up to something new almost daily. 

Emerson sings.  Like SIIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGS.  We have sang on the way to school every morning almost always, but for the past several months she has picked which songs.  Now she's starting to sing along pretty loud.  We sing:

Itsy Bitsy Spider
Twinkle Twinkle
Jesus loves me
Jesus loves the little children
I'm a little teapot
This old man
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
5 little monkeys
You are my sunshine
If you're happy and you know it
Honey open that door (don't judge me)
Patty Cake

Benny's favorites include 5 Little Monkeys - where he says "NO MORE MONKEYS".  He also loves all songs that have clapping in them and he sings the "la la la" part of John Jacob.  Precious I tell ya. Benny can say Momma, Daddy, diaper, NO, No More Mon(almost monkey), Purple Cat (that's my fav), and other random words that come up daily.  He said puppy dog last week, can't get him to repeat it though. 

Emerson can say ANYTHING she wants. ANY SINGLE WORD anyone says, she can repeat, understand, and retain.  Helicopter, Hippopotamus, Ambulance, she has no limitations.  She puts together 4 -5 word sentences pretty regularly and fully understands everything.  She is getting pretty funny too.  She told her Grandma this weekend that a toy was "a piece of junk" because it didn't work.  Emerson tells us she loves us, to drive careful, and told Benny when he was upset last week, "It's okay, I'm right here" while rubbing his hand.  It was as epic as you'd think.

Monday, December 21, 2015

1 & 2

My blog updating is pathetic.  My poor children will wonder why they don't have baby books and have months on end missing from their subpar replacement - this blog.  I'm sorry babies.  Today I did the math and Jacob and I are up and busy 7 days a week from 5:30 a.m. until 9:30 p.m.  16 hour days 7 days a week always  About every other weekend, we master getting both the babies down for nap at the same time and get a 1.5 hour nap in ourselves.  Otherwise, we are busy busy every day, all day - and we are always still behind.  I think I would rather spend time kissing on the babies than mopping the floors though, so we will probably stay behind. 

All in all, things are going well.  The kiddos are really quite good children and it's getting easier to take care of them.  I think if Jacob and I would stop getting sick after they do, we'd be pretty settled. 

The babies turned one and two over the last month.  We had family and friends over for their joint birthday party and it went well. We took them in for their one and two year check ups last week and they are happy, healthy, super smart, perfect children. 

Emerson and Ben both weigh in around the 26lb mark.  Emerson is in the 60th percentile for weight and 40th percentile for height.  The doctor thinks she'll grow a  lot over the next few months because she had 3-4 weeks being pretty sick with a double ear infection that wouldn't go away.

Ben is in the 96th percentile for weight and 90th percentile for height.  Big Ben lives up to his name.

Emerson's language has exploded and she speaks 4-5 word sentences now.  She is so smart and understands everything we say to her.  She loves on us a lot and asks us for hugs and kisses before bed.  "One more hug momma" - so precious. She is starting to count, and really likes singing songs.  She knows so many words to our favorite songs and can sing along very well for being 24 months.

Benny is really taking off with his walking and has almost stopped crawling completely.  I would say by the time he's 13 months he'll be 100% walking.  Ben says buh-bye, momma, dada, diaper, no no no and a few other words currently.  He loves "Jingle Bells" and when I start singing it, he says "Ha ha ha".  He also loves Itsy Bitsy Spider and does the spider hand movements.  We're working on the rest.

We're excited for Christmas with the kids and happy we have everything we need.  We are so blessed to be happy, in love, and have such wonderful babies.


Friday, October 9, 2015

Oops. 22 months/ 10 months

Dear babies,

Do you know why Mommy doesn't update your blog?  Because you don't sleep.  How can Mommy sit down to type when you both are working together to keep me from a full night of sleep for 10 months now?  Let's not even add in that I didn't get good sleep while pregnant with either of you  and that you're 12 months apart so basically it's been like almost three years since I could take an Ambien and actually rest. 

Anyway, Emerson is so great.  What a funny kid she is.  She's able to have conversations now with a few words together and really communicates what she wants.   She says yes and no which is super helpful and she is starting to sing songs.  

We did have our first serious hiccup with Emerson.  She had a diaper rash that turned into an abscess.  It didn't get better over a few days and I had to take her to the doctor.  When the doctor saw it, she told us that Emerson would have to go to Children's hospital the very next day to have it lanced.  To make matters even more scary, Jacob couldn't go with me.  Things were fine and she was doing well being in that environment and was quite the trooper.  I only lost it when they told me they were going to put her to sleep and I wouldn't be able to stay with her the whole time.  I only cried when they made me leave.  But 20 minutes later we were reunited and all was well.  Hopefully we don't have to do anything else like that for a long time.

Benny is great too.  He just exudes joy.  What a happy baby.  He started crawling really well at 9 months and now a few days into being 10 months, he's standing everywhere he can and is trying to cruise too.  He doesn't want to sit down anymore and he loves to go go go.

Emerson and Ben have started really playing together and it's so wonderful for Jacob and I to watch.  We have waited a long time for them to like each other and it's such a blessing to see them bonding and loving each other. 

I think all else is well.  Now for more photos.