Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happenings on 5/14 & 5/15

Because I'm using this to keep record of my pregnancy happenings, I should update the last few days.

Tuesday night I came home from work and hurried into the bathroom.  My current bladder and pregnancy don't seem to give me much of a break lately. HELLO BLATTER, it's called traffic.  Calm it down.

Anyway, went to the bathroom and after wiping, noticed a bit of a spot on the TP.  This hadn't happened yet in my pregnancy and it made me a little nervous.  Apparently you lose some modesty when pregnant.  I'm starting to see this- because I took a picture of it and sent it to my cousin.  Seriously.  WHO DOES THAT? I come from a family that doesn't pass gas.  Ever. I sent a picture of my TP to someone.  Lord help me.

Anyway, lovely cousin called after reviewing the TMI text and suggested I call my doctor to update her. I called the exchange and about 90 seconds later, my doctor was calling me back.  How amazing is that?  Like VIP exchange service.  I digress.

The doctor said to come in for an ultrasound on 5/15.  I love that the office squeezed me in the next day and didn't make me worry for days on end.

Long story short, baby is good.  No reasoning for the single spot.  Bonus ultrasound. YAY.  And the babe is starting to look real, not alien like, which is a trip.  Good times.

The babe was very relaxed, chilled out even.  Like my uterus is some sort of baby hammock.  He kicked his legs a few times, and also put his hand behind his head.  Very cool stuff.  Next appointment is on 6/5.  This is the 14 week appointment where we go in for genetic testing. Like I've mentioned before, I am unconcerned about the genetic testing.  If God wants us to have a special child, we'll do what we're told.  We're having this ultrasound to see if we can get an early peek at gender.

Today, 5/16 - I am 11weeks, 5 days.

Monday, May 6, 2013


Something has happened over the last 4-5 days and I've become increasingly sick.  Before, I just had nausea and could keep food down, although I always felt sick.  Lately, it's all coming up.  I think over the weekend I was able to keep down about 4 chicken nuggets out of all the meals I ate.  It's pretty annoying.  It's like having the stomach flu for the last 5 weeks and now it's starting to get worse. I have Zofran to take, but I'm not going to take it unless the upchuckin (classy word alert) continues.  I've weighed my options and I have decided I'd rather hurl than be constipated.  How is that for TMI?

Otherwise, things are pretty hectic in life.  We have Steven's memorial service next weekend and it's mothers day.  We'll be in the Cuba/ St. James area all weekend.  I hate living out of a suitcase.  I hate not being at home, and I really hate having a busy/depressing weekend because I'm already drained.

Jacob put in his two weeks' notice at work in Columbia, which makes me feel much better.  I'm happy he will be moving to St. Louis in two weeks.  I don't know what I think I really NEED him there for during this time - but I know I DO NOT  like it when I'm  throwing myself a pity party and he doesn't show up to them because he's living 2 hours away.  And I love him and miss him - so it will be nice to have him close.  Maybe I'll become a bit more emotionally stable because I'm crying at least twice a week right now.  So odd.

I'm surprised at how fast the baby is growing.  I have an app on my phone (okay I have 4, but I like different views) about what the baby is doing weekly, daily tips, etc. I know that one app I have always gives you info for the week coming. Example - I'm in week 10, so it tells me what is going to happen this week that leads me up to week 11.  Here's the thing: this baby went from an olive to a prune to a lime?  I think a lime is rather big.  I was very surprised that I'll have a lime next week! 

I'm looking forward to our next doctor's appointment.  It's on 5/22 and I should be 12 weeks. I don't really know what is going to happen at this appointment though.  The appointment is at 4:30 p.m, so I don't think my appointment includes an ultra sound too.... My doctor said that we can have those pre-screening tests for birth defects in weeks 11-14 and to let her know if we want to.  I'm thinking I'll work the system a bit and go forward with the tests and schedule them for week 14 so I can get new, better ultrasound pics. For the record about my beliefs: I wouldn't ever terminate a pregnancy based on these tests.  I'm extreamly pro-life.  I do think though that as a planner, it would benefit me to prepair if God has some challenges in store for our child.  Also, the doctor said sometimes they can tell the sex at 14 weeks (rarely) so I'm really getting the ultrasound for that reason.