Monday, July 29, 2013


Not too much to update currently.  I can feel the baby kicking quite often now.   When I'm sitting at my desk at work and if I'm laying on the couch or in bed.  Jacob put his feet on my stomach last night and I got the impression she didn't like someone in her area because she kicked Jake's heel a few times.  It's still too light for Jacob to really feel anything clearly, but the kicks seem to be getting stronger, so I'm hoping in the next week or so, he'll be able to feel it easily.

I have a doctors appointment on 8/5.  Last time I was there, I had the ultrasound tech count digits because I was afraid for some reason that our baby would have an extra finger.  This weekend I watched "A Baby Story" on TLC and a baby was born without their fingers on one hand.  Now I need to have her check the fingers again.  I don't really know what my obsession is with the hands.

We don't have any names yet.
I had a few lists but Jacob isn't a big fan of most. 
I like Emerson and Brinley.  He likes Campbell... and maybe a few more.
I feel like we need to decide on this soon.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Wow.  I can't believe it's been almost a month without me updating this thing. In my case, no news is good news.  We went in for our 20 week ultrasound (at 19w 5d) and everything looks good.  They said that the legs on the baby looked pretty long, which made me happy because I'd rather have a tall child than a short one.  We have to get another ultrasound done at 24 weeks because we couldn't see the baby's face and we want to make sure there's no cleft pallet issues.

We also found out that I have an anterior placenta, which will make it take longer to feel the baby kick from the outside.  That was kind of a bummer because I'm really looking forward to Jacob being able to feel the baby.

We are doing a lot better coming to terms with having a little girl. I keep seeing some pretty cute girl babies around and I've been focusing on how smart little girls are and how they win over men (such as Jake, my dad, and Chris).

I visited a daycare last week and it is $300 per week.  Wow.  There are a few that are cheaper, but the cost of having a child in daycare is extreme.  How does one afford to provide care for their child and work if they just have an okay job?!

Feeling the need to get settled and start doing baby things like getting our crib, registering, saving...