Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Emerson is 1!

Emerson had her first birthday on Saturday, 11/22. We had her Grandparents over, her Uncle Chris and my best friend + their significant others. We did family thanksgiving lunch on that day too. It was very busy and a lot of work for being 37 weeks pregnant, but we survived, dinner was good, and everything went well.

Emerson was great and genuinely loved all of her presents, which was so fun! She was so excited and loved on everyone. She's such a sweet, social baby. Everyone went above and beyond spoiling her. We are so blessed with great people in our lives who love our daughter. 

Emerson is such a joy and her personality is just amazing. She's funny and onery and happy and easy. She walks up to about 15 steps at a time now and can repeat a lot of words. She has a special book she likes "mom mom mom" to read and when I start to read it she gets excited and after the first page, almost always gives me an unprompted kiss. 

She says done and bath and baby. She says Mom Mom Mom and Dad dad. She says more, and a lot of other words if you say them to her first. She hugs and loves on us and has the best time with her Daddy. Those two have lots of fun together. Jacob is an amazing dad and husband as always. 

As for "the boy", the csection date is scheduled for 12/4. If my blood pressure gets high, I can go into labor and delivery and we will get the ball rolling at any time now since I'm 38 weeks tomorrow. Also, if I go into labor, we will get the ball rolling. So soon!!! 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

34w, 5d and Emerson is 11 months, 2 weeks.

How far along: 34 weeks

Size of the baby: My apps all say 19-22in., 4.9 lbs. but I had an ultrasound yesterday and this boy is already 6lbs.

Total weight gain: I think I'll end up around 15-20lbs gained.  More than Emerson.  I hope it's not hard to fit into jeans again.

Maternity clothes: Same stuff.  No point in getting more.  Just going to deal.

Stretch marks: None

Sleep: I can fall asleep, and I can sleep for a good 4 hours, but when I wake up I am SO sore.  Sleeping on one side or the other really hurts your shoulders.

Best moment of this week: Emerson's first Halloween

Miss anything: I'm about ready to wrap this up.  I feel like this baby is bigger or it's harder on my body, it's getting difficult to take care of Em.

Movement: He's running out of room so his kicks are down and his movements are starting to hurt

Food cravings: Eh

Anything making you queasy or sick: All is well.

Gender: It's a boy!

Labor signs: My high BP has started.  Apparently my body starts reacting when the baby hits about 6lbs.  It started with Em in week 36.  I delivered in week 38 via scheduled C-section.  We're earlier this time, but I think the babies are around the same size.  I did have to get my BP monitored in L&D for a few hours on Friday but symptoms of pre-e are non existent and it went down eventually.

Belly button in or out: Barely in still

Wedding rings on or off: On. 

Happy or moody most of the time: Still happy.  I'm so very blessed to have such a great husband and daughter. 

Looking forward to: Emerson is turning one in a few weeks

Names: Still nothing in stone.  Revisiting Campbell, and really seriously revisiting Benjamin, which I threw out ages ago and can't stop thinking of. 


Emerson was such a great sport for her first Halloween.  She wore her costume without trying to take it off and was quite popular (via Facebook) in the adorable outfit.  It was very cold out so after dinner and her bath, we dressed her, put her in the red/yellow car with a blanket, and pushed her around the neighborhood.  Because I'd been in L&D earlier in the day, we stayed out about 15 minutes and saw about 8 houses.  Emerson was charming and smiled/waved at people.  She's such a nice baby.