Saturday, January 24, 2015

Emerson at 14 months/ Ben is 7 weeks

Emerson is such a sweet little girl and she is so much fun right now. She turned 14 months on the 22nd. Emerson knows so much of what we are saying and can follow directions really well. New things she can now do:

Stomp her feet (while sitting) during the "Happy and you know it" song.

She knows where lots of things are on her body and has for a while, but picks up new things too:
Belly button (and says it, which is so funny)

She says new words daily including:
Belly Button
Momma and Dada (as a phrase)
Banana (not just nana)
Night night
Nine (I think this is from the Charter commercial she loves) 
Emma (how she says Emerson right now when I ask her what her name is)
And all the others from a few weeks ago. 

She gives Ben kisses and sometimes asks about him when she wakes up in the morning. Em is down to one nap a day most days and still sleeps all night (7p-6a) like she has since she was 10 weeks. She now throws away diapers after I change her or Ben. She walks it to the trash can and throws it in. She also follows direction if I ask her to throw anything else away for me. She will bring us anything we ask for, which is nice to see that she understands what we are saying. 

Ben is doing well too. He's about 12lbs at 7 weeks and smiles more every day and coos lots. He's so charming when he smiles, like an onry combination of my husband, brother, and Grandpa Brown. 

All is going well.  Tonight my wonderful husband is staying downstairs with Ben while I get to sleep all night- hence the time to update this! 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

1 month old Ben, 13 month old Emerson

Ben is asleep on his dad right now. With Em, I discouraged it and thought it best that she sleep in her rock n' play so she didn't get used to laying on us. With Ben, I promised Jacob that he could sleep with him whenever he wants, since the period of time is so short that babies allow it. 

Emerson is upstairs "napping" but technically she's just griping in her crib. Sister needs to nap though! She's going to be a bear this evening. 

My mom came up this weekend (thank you God) and it allowed for Jacob and I to get out of the house Saturday night after Emerson went to sleep. We went bowling and had a fun time. Have I mentioned what a HANDSOME husband I have? (Thank you God). 

Emerson is saying so many things right now. She's so smart and learns so easily. She can tell you what sounds an elephant and a monkey make, and can pick out lots of other animals in her toys- (where's your giraffe? Panda? Etc.)
She says bye-bye, night-night, hot, mamma, dada, hot dog (do do do do do do do), hat, ball, bird, duckie, and just about anything else you take the time to say. Lack of sleep prevents this word list from being complete. She's walked since 11 months and exclusively for a month now. She is very loving and gives good kisses. She likes to help mamma and wants "up" (there's another word) to sit on the counter and "help" (geez, I can't remember anything). Oh, the best thing she says though is BENNNN. So cute. She only has moderate interest in him and has to touch him on her terms.

Ben is still waking up every 3 hours to eat. He's a hoss and eats 4oz per feeding most times. At a month he is filling out the 3 month clothes much better than the newborn. He smiled at me 2 days ago several times, non-gas smiles. Watch out ladies, this guy is going to be a handsome charmer. 

My husband is rocking 2 kids and is the best help and teammate ever. We have really enjoyed all our time together since I'm on maternity leave and it's too cold for him to be roofing. We don't even get sick of each other or fight. If we had sleep, we'd have it all!