Tuesday, February 10, 2015

14 months/ 9 weeks - checking in.

Is it bad that I have http://howoldismykid.com/ saved in my favorites? Sometimes I seriously can't remember.  Or I think, really - only 9 weeks old?! Yay, I haven't missed that much!

These two babies are super cute.  And it's a good thing because they've both been very sick for the last week and they keep forcing my husband and myself to clean up their puke.  SO GROSS. Colds and doctor appointments and ear aches and that's just Emerson.  Poor Ben.  He's all flemmy and can't keep down a whole bottle.  BUT, this too shall pass.

Bonus of this time is that Emerson is super snuggly, and she's not normally.  Don't get me wrong, she's very loving and will come give kisses, etc. but Em is actually laying with us on the couch for like 30 minutes at a time before she gets up.  So that is the silver lining.

Emerson is up to around 40-45 words I'd say.  I'm trying to think of new ones and it's getting harder because sometimes you'll say something and she'll just repeat it and it will become part of her vocabulary.  Like apple, or diaper.

Ben is super cute and his smile is just so freaking sweet.  It's been more sporadic due to the cold but when you catch it....
He is sleeping better, but still not all night.  I currently blame it on the cold.  He's really good about eating then going directly back to sleep in the middle of the night so thank God for small favors. The longest he's went without eating is about 5 hours now.  When we took Emerson to the doctor on Friday, we asked if we could put him on the scale--- he weighed 14lbs.  He has doubled his birth weight in 9 weeks.  No wonder the kid doesn't sleep all night, he's starving!