Friday, April 24, 2015

17 months, 4.5 months - The Irish Twins

Everything is going well at the Johnston Household.  Jacob starts a new job on Monday and I'm very happy that he will be doing something a little safer.  Jacob enjoyed being a roofer but with two little children at home and a lack luster insurance policy, I need him on the ground. And home safely every night. The job also won't be dependent on weather, so 40 hour pay checks every week will really help.  In addition, we will be able to transfer to his health insurance at 90 days and that will save our family almost $8k a year.  Thank you God for helping us out!

Emerson is doing well, though she is getting a little emotional...little fits, etc. when she can't communicate well or she doesn't get her way.  She has been very good about calming down though when we stop and tell her why something is happening or we talk to her about using her words.  I hope she stays logical and reasonable as she learns how to talk. 

Emerson has a large vocabulary that is getting bigger, but I thought she would talk more by now.  She turned 17 months on 4/22/15. I'd say she probably knows 50-75 words, but she is sporadic in using them and really only has a use for words like "up", "helpa", "pleeeeaaasssseeee", and "done". She will surprise us with new words every few days though - wow, blueberry, and ruff ruff are a few from the last few weeks.

Benjamin is doing great too.  He is still a lover and I can't tell you how nice it is that he loves me so much.  He is almost googly eyed when I talk to him and he now reaches up to touch my face.  He still loves kisses so much and smiles so big when you tell him he's handsome.

Ben went to the doctor today for his 4 month appointment/vaccinations.  He's 4.5 months old and I was so excited to hear what percentile he would be in for height/weight.  I knew he weighed a lot from his last cold and being weighed (and my arm going numb if he falls asleep on me), but I wasn't sure if he was tall or not. 

The verdict is in.  Benjamin was 19lbs, 11 oz. and 27 and 1/2 inches long.  He is in the 95th% for weight and the 99th% for height!  He's the size of a 9-10 month old!  Our ped recommended we start feeding him more than the one meal a day he's eating.  After all, he is a growing boy.

And finally, my HANDSOME, WONDERFUL, AMAZING Husband turned 31 this week. I couldn't ask for a better man or a better life ❤️😍!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easter 2015 -- 16 months/ 4 months

Both the kids have needed a sick day with dad over the last few weeks.  The kids have been courteous enough to schedule their fevers around rain days while dad is home.  I got the above gem from my husband and then my heart melted and I died.  Seriously, those cheeks and lips?  And the sexiness that exudes from a man being a great dad?! This pic was a homerun.

We also caught this smirk while Benny was sleeping.  He's such a good, happy little boy.

Emerson likes to sit on the potty and occasionally go.  Last weekend I made the amateur mom mistake of leaving the door open so she could go to the bathroom again when she needed to.  And then I went to make breakfast while Jacob was feeding Benjamin.  Tadaaaa! Em decorated the bathroom. To be fair, she was trying to put it back by the time I caught this picture.

Benny's eyes are still blue and look like they'll be staying that color so far.  He went to the doctor last week on his 4 month birthday and weighed 18.9lbs.  Emerson didn't weigh 18lbs until her 9 month appointment.  Ben's adorable outfit here is 6-9 months in size and I would imagine we have maybe 1-2 more wears before it's embarrassingly too small.

Emerson's eyes are getting a big more hazel than gray over the last month or so.  Maybe they'll turn brown?  I thought babies eyes were supposed to be what they're going to be around 6m-12m.  As her eyes get darker, I see how much she and I resemble each other.

Emerson rocks the side pony most days to keep the hair out of her eyes.  I'm unsure of if I want to cut her hair or not.  I've thought about some bangs but I just can't commit yet.  She looks good in the pony, so no rush on a decision.

Emerson did really well on Easter and enjoyed collecting plastic eggs out in the yard.  She also LOVED the m&m's Grandma and Grandpa got her.  She really likes to wear this cardigan and now knows that she has to put on her shoes if she wants to go outside.  When she wants to go out, she'll bring us her shoes and then go to the door.  "Buh-Bye" she'll say.  So cute.  She knows the colors blue, red, pink, and purple so far.  She adds in new words every day, and at random.  Blueberry was one she said this week that was new.

This is such a perfect picture of Benjamin because it really captures his personality.  This boy is so darn sweet and loving.  He is a happy boy.  Sometimes when I'm feeding him in the middle of the night, he stops eating and just smiles at me. When I get home from work and he's already there, when I hold him and start talking to him, he laughs out loud.  He's just full of joy.  Love this little boy beyond words.

Sassy sister is liking the stroller rides.  I'm excited for this since my cousin was AWESOME and gifted us her old double stroller.  I have dreams of taking both babies to Grant's Farm a few times this spring/summer and maybe even the zoo if I find myself having time on a week day.  Our St. Louis zoo is amazing, but I don't want to push that beast of a stroller around crowds.

Em is really getting good at riding her 4 wheeler.  It's so darn cute to watch her drive around.  She's not the best at turning the wheel yet, but she can push the button and go.

And finally, just a shot of Emerson - I guess plotting to do something.  I love watching her little mind work.  She's always up to something.  Sister is not the one to sit down and watch cartoons.  She's got things to do.  She has started enjoying cleaning.  She likes to wipe up water she spills and will pick up the toys she got out.  Time to get her a broom.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Teething Stinks!

My child is on a hunger strike.  AGAIN.  She will put food in her mouth, then promptly spit it out.  It does not matter what food you give her, she hates it all.... oh, except ice cream. 

When Emerson is teething, our normally fun, sweet 16 month old turns into a toddler that doesn't eat, screams on occasion and basically acts like everything I normally correct.  When her molars are coming in (we have 2-3 so far), I do not know this child.  

It's actually super sad because she is such a good baby  normally. I can only hope the teeth come in soon because that baby ensure is EXPENSIVE and if she gets any skinnier, Ben is going to be able to wear her clothes.

In other news, Ben fell asleep at 7:30 last night.  He woke up at 10pm for a 2oz snack and nose sucking (this kid has needed his nose sucked daily for the last MONTH) and then proceeded to sleep until 6:30 a.m.!  BOOM.  Granted, he's clearly growing and very tired, as he slept extra at daycare too, but it was awesome and I think if he ever gets rid of his cold, he might do this on a regular basis so we can move him out of our room and into Emerson's.

Ben turns 4 months old tomorrow. He's so darn cute and sweet.  I sometimes wondered when I was pregnant with him - WHY would God give me Irish Twins? And now I know.  This precious soul was ready to go and he was fated to be Emerson's brother, and I'm the lucky winner of God's favor.  This kid literally starts to cry and stops if you kiss him. How awesome is that?  He wants kisses!  He smiles so easily and is going to be a big boy for sure.  He wears six month clothes and looks okay in 9 month clothes.  His 4 month check up isn't for another few weeks but I could almost bet that he and Emerson are within 1-2lbs of each other.  How awesome that Emerson will have a "big brother" in high school with her, even if he is a year younger.

And finally, my husband and I went bowling on Saturday night.  Goodness, I love this man.  He is just top notch as a father and husband.  I honestly wouldn't change a thing.