Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Emerson is 18 months!

Emerson turned 18 months on Friday, May 22nd. She is so full of personality and we enjoy her every day.  She is always learning, watching, and doing things that impress us. 

She is currently obsessed with puppy dogs ("ruff-ruff") and gets so excited to see any on TV or around the house or at the park.   A few weeks ago when we went to Grant's Farm, she thought the goats were dogs.  I didn't correct her.

She is eating so much better since her molars came in, which is a huge stress reliever for me.  I hated feeding her dinner every night and knowing she wasn't going to eat.... which is why it's fairly common for her to have ice cream after dinner.  I needed that baby to eat some sort of calories.  (When you ask Em if she'd like some ice cream, she says: "Happy!").

She is really warming up to Ben a lot more.  It's really funny when he touches something of hers and she "corrects" him.  "BennnnAHH!"  Emerson will now bring Ben a toy when I ask and doesn't mind as much if he touches her.  Sometimes she'll even go over to him to smile and play.  Her favorite time to holler for Ben and talk to him though is when he's sleeping.  She loves to wake him up. 

Emerson sleeps in her big girl bed every night without issue.  She used to fall out on occasion so we used that pool noodle trick and she hasn't hit the ground since. I'm super good at parenting.

She gives us kisses and told Jacob this morning, "Dad, I love you". Such a sweet baby.  She is also very ornery and likes to have fun.  She's just got a ton of personality.

Ben is continuing his growing. He sleeps all night about once every three weeks. He just needs a snack in between 7p and 7a. He's getting too big for 12 month clothes... At 5 months. 

Benny is happy all the time and has such a great smile and very pretty eyes.

All in all, it's going well and it's getting easier to have Irish Twins. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

17 months/ 5 months - Irish Twins update

We had such a great weekend.  It was finally nice enough weather all weekend to really have some fun outside and Jacob's new job doesn't work random Saturdays, so we were able to schedule some things.

I will say that I'm going to miss Jacob's rain days.  Because he'd be off almost always one day a week, he would really do a lot around the house so we could enjoy our weekends.  Jacob does the laundry and would do any deep cleaning/organizing that needed done.  Now we will be doing it on the weekends. 

Jacob showed me this last night:

Hopefully we can have it all and still keep our home in order.  The most chaotic stuff seems to always be the baby clothes and when we get more from friends/family/my mom.  They are all hand me downs or yard sale finds so I have to wash everything, group it by size, and then put it away or store it.  Bags have been known to sit for a month in the garage before I get to them.

On Saturday morning we made our first trip as a family to Grant's Farm.  This is one of my favorite places in St. Louis because it takes about 2-3 hours to see everything and it's not as overwhelming for me as the zoo.  It's only about 20 minutes from home and even with that short trip, the kids did some griping in the car.  Lord, give me strength to keep those car seats rear facing.  Emerson was really fun.  She loved the goats and was fearless with them.  I thought she would be scared and get knocked over but we're starting to see her character and personality - and I don't think I have to worry about anyone/anything pushing her around.

Another perk of Grant's Farm is the free beer!  Anheuser Busch is so kind to give out two free beers at the end of Grant's Farm.  You would be shocked at how many parents are having their two free drinks at 10:30 a.m. Kids are hard, ya'll.

When we returned home we fed the babies and put them down for their naps.  Afterwards we took the kids outside to play and enjoy the beautiful weather.  We LOVE spring.  We are starting to enjoy our big yard and I'm looking forward to summer when we can pull out the pool and sprinkler.

Sunday morning we got up and ready again and to head out to the park.  I've been wanting to put the babies in a swing together since I found out we were having Irish Twins.  It was a great success. Benny was wonderful on the swing and was generally pleasant as always.  Emerson went down the slide for the first time and loved it.  Sunday afternoon we played outside again.

We had a great weekend as an official family.  Instead of just surviving, we were proactive in getting out and playing, and I felt like we gave the kids a really great weekend.  This is the kind of life I imagined for our family.

We also managed to get the laundry done, keep the house clean, cut the grass, and grocery shop. (Grass cutting and grocery shopping was completed during Sunday afternoon nap while my mom manned the sleeping children).  Oh, I almost forgot- my husband and I also went out for 3 drinks on Saturday night.  We enjoyed each other's company and made it home by 10:30 to get sleep. A win-win for this season of our lives.