Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Eek! Forgot to post! 19 months/ 7 months - Irish Twins

It appears that I may have neglected to update this as of late. I  meant to do it after our checkups (18 months/ 6 months) and failed.

SO, lets start with that.  We booked Emerson and Ben's check ups on the same day.  We basically had the doctor from 3:15 - 4:15.  As always, it is a lot of planning and organizing to have them out anywhere. I would imagine moms of twins feel the same way.  Toys, snacks, extra clothes, leaving the office early to get to the daycare and then to the doctor, timing around naps, all those things.  It's like I'm a project manager of babies.

Emerson weighed 24 lbs., 1 oz at the doctor.  She was 32.5 inches tall. She is hitting all of her milestones and is always impressing us with new things she says and how she is starting to put together phrases.  She knows so many animals (turtle, squirrel, snake, zebra, elephant, giraffe, cow, dog, cat, bird, lion, tiger, alligator) and can do those wooden puzzles really well. She's showing signs of being ready to potty train so we will be working on that in the next few weeks some more.   Emerson is very smart when it comes to understanding what you say.  She can follow several steps of directions and is aware of what she can and cannot get away with.  She is sweet sometimes and sometimes sassy.  She loves momma and daddy and still doesn't give much thought to Ben.  Sometimes Em does get mad if Ben is playing with a toy that she wants, but now she will go get him a different toy and trade him, so it's a little progress.

Benjamin (AKA Big Ben) weighed 22 lbs., 15 oz at the doctor.  He was 28 inches long.  Ben was 6 months old, but about the size of a 16 month old.  He and Em are one pound apart.  Benjamin is the sweetest, happiest baby I have ever met.  He is loving and smiles so easily.  He can sit up now and started holding the bottle himself this week.  He likes the TV, toys, and just saw a dog for the first time this weekend.  He laughed SO HARD.  He is just joy, pure joy in baby form.   He is starting to consistently sleep all night and that makes me so happy.

And one of us. Love this husband.