Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Checking in - 20 months/ 8 months

Sometimes I think I want to write a blog.  Like really commit to it a few days a week.  I love reading other blogs and sometimes I even think up funny little stories that I'm going to post - which will of course go viral.  After that I will sit at home with my laptop and just let the money roll in.

Or I will barely remember to post every month because I have minimal free time and when I do have free time I choose to sleep.  Irish Twins are rough. Just pure time needed to have two babies at once who are not on the same schedule as far as what they eat, milestones, etc.

Jacob and I did find time last week to get him a little snip though, so HAP HAP HAPPY ME, we are done having children.  Unless one slips by next year or something, and in that case, you must clearly be happy because God went out of his way to send you another baby.  Practically immaculate conception.

SO, what's been going on with the babies....

We took them to the zoo last week.  I'm trying to really get out of the house more.  I'm so tightly wound that I don't like to leave on the weekends and I don't think it helps the kids at all, since they love being out and social.

Emerson was slightly hard to contain because she wants to run/walk where ever her heart desires. 

Ben was a PEACH.  This boy sat in the stroller for 2.5 hours and clapped his hands and sang and smiled.  Happy as can be.

Ben got two teeth at the same time this weekend.  He's 8 months old so I was wondering if he was ever going to get any.  He's been pretty crabby but I think they've both broken through so maybe it feels better now?

Emerson loves puzzles and has started to really like baby dolls, but still nothing compares to her love for puppies.  Nothing makes her more happy than watching puppy videos on youtube.  We have to keep it at 2 videos a day so she doesn't become one of those zombie children that live on technology.  So tempting to let her zone out though - especially when Ben has just puked or I need to do the dishes.  She's talking a lot, but still not all the time.  She can say whatever she wants and probably has a few hundred words in her vocabulary if I took the time to count them all.

Ben is finally starting to get up on his knees a little bit so hopefully he'll start crawling this month.  Emerson was further ahead than him at this time but he's so big that maybe he needed more muscle to lift that 23lb body.  He does love to stand though, so maybe the crawling to walking will be quick.