Monday, December 21, 2015

1 & 2

My blog updating is pathetic.  My poor children will wonder why they don't have baby books and have months on end missing from their subpar replacement - this blog.  I'm sorry babies.  Today I did the math and Jacob and I are up and busy 7 days a week from 5:30 a.m. until 9:30 p.m.  16 hour days 7 days a week always  About every other weekend, we master getting both the babies down for nap at the same time and get a 1.5 hour nap in ourselves.  Otherwise, we are busy busy every day, all day - and we are always still behind.  I think I would rather spend time kissing on the babies than mopping the floors though, so we will probably stay behind. 

All in all, things are going well.  The kiddos are really quite good children and it's getting easier to take care of them.  I think if Jacob and I would stop getting sick after they do, we'd be pretty settled. 

The babies turned one and two over the last month.  We had family and friends over for their joint birthday party and it went well. We took them in for their one and two year check ups last week and they are happy, healthy, super smart, perfect children. 

Emerson and Ben both weigh in around the 26lb mark.  Emerson is in the 60th percentile for weight and 40th percentile for height.  The doctor thinks she'll grow a  lot over the next few months because she had 3-4 weeks being pretty sick with a double ear infection that wouldn't go away.

Ben is in the 96th percentile for weight and 90th percentile for height.  Big Ben lives up to his name.

Emerson's language has exploded and she speaks 4-5 word sentences now.  She is so smart and understands everything we say to her.  She loves on us a lot and asks us for hugs and kisses before bed.  "One more hug momma" - so precious. She is starting to count, and really likes singing songs.  She knows so many words to our favorite songs and can sing along very well for being 24 months.

Benny is really taking off with his walking and has almost stopped crawling completely.  I would say by the time he's 13 months he'll be 100% walking.  Ben says buh-bye, momma, dada, diaper, no no no and a few other words currently.  He loves "Jingle Bells" and when I start singing it, he says "Ha ha ha".  He also loves Itsy Bitsy Spider and does the spider hand movements.  We're working on the rest.

We're excited for Christmas with the kids and happy we have everything we need.  We are so blessed to be happy, in love, and have such wonderful babies.