Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Updates for March

Benny is starting to talk a lot more.  He has said some things for a while now, and some things are new.  Words I can currently recall include:

Purple Cat
Brown Bear
No more monkeys
Hey bei bei

Benny loves brooms and carries his little Melissa & Doug broom around everywhere.  He really enjoys feeding himself with a spoon and gets rather angry if you try to do it for him.  He always takes off his right shoe and sock.  His eyes are the most beautiful shade of blue I've ever seen and they have a dark blue edge.  His cheeks are squishy and he loves kisses.  He's so happy unless he's sick and he crinkles up his nose when he's being ornery. He has had 4 ear infections in the last 4 months, so I am making him an appointment with an ENT doc to check on him.  He looks really good in his 2t jean @15 months.  The 2t shirts are getting tight. He looks like the most handsome little man ever.  I love him so much.

Miss Emerson is a very funny two year old.  She has an amazing memory and is very particular.  She likes routine and can say anything at all.  Anything.  We read through her valentines after her party and the next week she brought them to us and told us again who sent each one.  We had went over them once.  It was amazing.  She is so sharp and really understands everything.  She can be reasoned with most of the time, so the terrible twos aren't that bad at all.  Emerson is loving and is learning to be potty trained.  She's about 50% there and I feel like if I applied myself more, she would already be there.  Emerson loves school and playing outside.  She's so ready for warm weather!

The babies are getting easier because they can play together a bit now.  More and more we are seeing them interact a little bit, which has been our hope - that they will play together and be best friends.  Everything else is good too.  Jacob and I are wonderful and really enjoying our perfect little family.

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